Food and wine go synonymous with the word Italy. Experiencing Italy is the best way involves taking a wine and food tour to the regions. These experiences are once in a lifetime opportunity and should be lived to the fullest. The regions in Italy have a lot to offer like the food and wine and local history.
There are a few regions which are a good option, and Tuscany is one of them. It is a classic combination of mountains and food with wine. Tuscan people have been involved in the art of winemaking for centuries now.
You can experience the old wines and the fresh ones. This place offers you the best of Italian food seasoned with classic Italian flavors. It is also well known for the olive oil produced in the region.
Milan is also an excellent place for your wine and food tour. It is known to offer some of the most exquisite wine and food. This region is famous for its truffles and the classic Chianti wine tasting (degustazione vino chianti). The gourmet dishes cooked in truffle oil are exceptional in this region and are best paired with the dry red wine available in the area. A day spent on cooking lessons is a perfect way to commemorate the exceptional food and wine tour you experienced.
Sicily is an option worth considering to experience the exotic Italian culture and Mediterranean food paired with red wine.
Discover Italy and try the excellent wines and enjoy your tour.
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