Knowing About Types Of Rim Repair Isn’t Enough.
The four main types of a rim that are often used in most of the cars:
1. Steel wheel Rim: the most durable rims of all, plus any bent can be fixed by professionals.
2. Chrome-plated wheel rim: any curb damage is expensive in this rim. So, replacement is more cost-effective in the chrome-plated wheel rim.
3. Aluminum alloy wheel rim: if they are bent, it’s difficult to fix, but any scratch can easily be fixed in them.
4. Plastic-clad wheel rim: It is slightly the same as that of chrome-plated rims but relatively cheaper and easy to replace.

Typical Rim Repair Cost:
1. Steel wheel Rim: $50 – $150.
2. Aluminum alloy wheel rim: $50 – $150
3. Chrome wheel: $200 – $500 and more.
4. Plastic-clad wheels: relatively lightweight, so difficult to repair. So, they are replaced.

Few Things To Keep In Mind For Home-made Kit For Repairing And Painting Cars:
There are DIY kits for car rim repair if one has an aluminum alloy wheel rim, which can cost $30 – $50. There are a few and more kinds of stuff related to the kit that should be kept in mind for having a DIY kit:
1. These kits are quite useful to the users. If you don’t have much experience with sanding down metal, applying grease, and then applying a finish overcoat, you are not meant for DIY.
2. Paint color is often difficult to match. So, little research is needed.
3. Clear-Coat wheels are difficult to be fixed using only a DIY kit.

Ultimately, don’t forget to research on online websites or YouTube about the preparation of a DIY toolkit and also car rim repair dubai.