Exactly what is SAP VIM?

The coping with of vendors’ receipts within a manual approach can result in faults in entering the correct supplier name from your invoice, and so it can lead to hold off in payments from the client’s conclusion. The postpone in obligations additional leads to far more add up to be compensated in the customer on the dealer. To avert this time-ingesting job that may lead to silly errors, VIM or Vendor Invoice Management is utilized. VIM can be a product of OpenText which can be an put-through to SAP. It utilizes the OCR(Visual Character Identification) technique for controlling statements of providers. You may arrived at know more in regards to the functioning of SAP VIM Open Text training beneath.

Working Of SAP VIM

The workflow of VIM is described making use of the techniques beneath which are

1.The invoice is going to be acquired through a message or document or fax.

2.It will likely be scanned afterwards.

3.It will probably be then sent to an archive web server where it will likely be stored being a document uniquely identified by a 30 digit alphanumeric quantity.

4.The aforementioned-stored record will likely then be delivered to SAP VIMwhere it receives scored being a 12 digit hexadecimal amount which is also referred to as DP quantity.

5.To record the info about the invoice it is delivered to ICC or Invoice Catching Center hosting server.

6.Following extraction of your total data like vendor amount, publishing particular date, tackle, and many others, the papers is delivered back to SAP VIM.

7.Afterwards, validation of data occurs, whereby it really is examined if there is any mismatching of web data or there is certainly any missing out on information, and so forth.

8.In case of no exception discovered, the document is going to be mailed through MIRO(Motion in Invoice Out).

SAP VIM is principally great for automating the whole process of handling the vendor’s receipts which wouldn’t have already been easier with the painstaking guide method.