Car key replacement could be one of the costliest things to do, especially now with technologically advanced cars. Not so long ago, misplacing or losing keys wasn’t a big problem; but now it is quite an issue. Depending on the make, the model, the year, and the make of your car, replacing keys may require different procedures.

Here is how to replace your car keys if you don’t have a spare;
Call an Auto Locksmith

This is probably the fastest, the cheapest, and most effective way to unlock your car. It is also a professional and competent way, as long as you choose a trained and expert locksmith to handle it for you. This is because a locksmith would come with their own tools and all the equipment needed for all types of keys almost for all models.

Other than that, Commercial locksmith offer multiple services including; replacing lost keys, cutting and copying various car keys, programming remote car key fobs, opening cars/ locked vehicles, changing and repairing damaged locks, repairing damaged keys, and more.
Call Your Car Insurance Provider

In most cases, car keys are usually not part of the insurance cover. But it all depends on the insurance providers. Different companies have different terms and conditions and if your car keys are also a part of the insurance cover, either as a premium add-on or a stand-alone policy, you might need to call your insurance provider.
Car Dealership

Calling your car dealership is always a great option as they can easily replace your car keys and give your new ones. But it usually is more costly and could take the longest time. This is because, unlike a locksmith, they might not have all the required equipment and may not necessarily come to you.