Billions of blog posts are freely accessible on the internet, which empowersbloggers to develop their private blogs and create a real business out of this.
Free blogging is also possible through different blog platforms, but where you have a lot of impediments when trying to be creative with your blog.
Here are our tips on how to start a blog for free.
Visit the WordPress site for starting your free blog
Although it is a little tricky to set up at first, the WordPress.orgplatform is as strong and visually appealing as the paid edition.
But if you are short of cash, seems to be your perfect option to launch a website for free.
The first step to create a free blogging site is to go to the platform’s dashboard and pick from the options available.
There are some paid options, but you will see a free choice available as well at the end of that list.
Pick your niche and also an attractive theme
The next big step in your blogging is to pick a niche to write about.
Another one of the main reasons people enjoy using WordPress as their free blogging platform is that it has a huge number of lovely free themes that you could pick for enhancing your blog’s look.
Although there are many themes available, choose a simple one that adds a more vibrant look to your content and provides you and your viewers with a convenient user interface.
If you realize you might not like your current niche, or that you just covered all the aspects of your niche, just change it.
It’s simple to alter the main topic of your blog and change niches, as long as you didn’t put in your domain name the niche.
Posting effectively
Start to write and just don’t stop.
Some people write about the activities of their daily life.
Other bloggers write answers to other people’s questions.
Some prefer to review things in detail and post their findings on the blog.
Typically, readers arrive at blogs by searching for answers to their questions.
This must be your main focus when starting a blog, provide value, and match your content to other user’s search intent.
This will lead you far in the blogging world and assure you have faithful followers that come back for more.
To make your articles easy to read and follow, use terms and tags alongside keywords in your content.
It’s better to organize content by themain thread, rather than grouping blog entries based on dates they were created.
Create a strong social media presence with your blog
Attach widgets to the sidebar or footer of your blog, that includesyour social media pages.
Share your new content regularly on the main social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networking sites.
This will help you a lot in increasing your devoted fans and add new ones to your pages.