If you are into engraved jewelry, then the best is to go for a lase machine to do the job for you. The following are why you need to do so:
The fiber laser machine utilizes the marking method which is non-contact. Importantly, a laser beam is directed on the surface of the item and produces a mark via having to remove the material. Because of that, there is no contact that happens between the laser equipment and the statement jewelry item being engraved.
Because there happens to be no contact that happens during the process of engraving, the item that is marked doesn’t get compromised. Additionally, the machine does not have parts which are moving, which can end up wearing down with time, requiring replacement.
You don’t need to start troubling yourself with fixing or clamping the jewelry items to an engraving bed. All you have to do is to place the item in the correct position and press the start button to start the engraving process.
Time saving
There is no doubt that one of the main advantages of the laser engraving is the time that you are going to save. Of course the engraving time per item tends to vary depending on the complexity of your design and the depth of the engraving. But, it is safe to say that the average job takes somewhere from a few seconds to a few minutes and you are done.
Software that is made easy
Most contributing factors to the popularity which has risen of the fiber laser machine over the past decade is the improvement that has been made in the operating software. You shouldn’t be an expert in engineering to be able to utilize a laser machine. The software can be likened to other apps for design like Photoshop and Illustrator.